Sunday, February 20, 2011


why are we keeping score?
Cause if you’re not laughing,
Who is laughing now?
I’ve been wondering
If we stop sinking
Could we stand our ground?
And through everything we’ve learned
We’ve finally come to terms,
We are the outsiders.

Needtobreathe has been super inspirational to me lately. Thankful for them & their awesome music!

It's wierd that I haven't figured this out until now. But I guess I had to learn it on my own. Pastor Jeff has been talking about suffering for Christ lately. Not a very uplifting sermon, but sometimes you need the flat out hard core truth. I appreciate it, seriously! But I think people expect to have Jesus save them from all their troubles. Or expect Him to make life easier in every way. And while He does make life easier to GET THROUGH....being on the same side as Christ brings a whole set of new problems. And you wanna know why? I just figured this one out. It's because following Christ in a world full of sin is like standing in sinking sand. Or like paddling up current. Or like trying to fly in a hurricane. It's next to impossible. to...but yet, it's what makes us strong. It's what builds "God-like character". We are flipping through John 10 & 11. It's pretty incredible. It also reminds me of James. The book of the bible I know the best. I wish I knew the rest of the bible like I know James chapter 1. Haha. I don't know the passage well enough, but they ask Jesus why do they have to suffer. Or why is he blind? Did he do something wrong? Did his parents do something wrong? And Jesus simply says he suffers so God can have the glory. Thats it! We suffer to build our character, shape us into Godly people, that ultimately brings glory to God. How incredible...and scary! But it's definitely awesome to understand that. Trials come and go, but I can't be suprised by them. They are there for a reason. And my job is to get through them stronger. Thankfully, I'm not on my own.

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